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Psychotherapist and Counsellor working in Chancery Lane, Central London, WC1, in Tenterden, Kent TN30 & Online

The choice to begin therapy is a courageous one. Taking that first step to make contact when you are feeling vulnerable can be the most difficult. How do you know who to trust, what to expect and what to do?

In my website I aim to introduce myself and give you an outline of my approach and why I think counselling can be of help. Please visit my Qualifications page for details of my experience and training.

I am an experienced and fully qualified psychodynamic psychotherapist and counsellor working in Chancery Lane, Central London, WC1 with a team of therapists. I work in a straightforward and empathetic way in a safe and non judgmental environment in comfortable, quiet rooms just outside Chancery Lane Tube Station.

I also practice in Tenterden, Kent TN30 in quiet rooms just off the High Street, as well as having extensive experience of working online.

I work with individuals on a long-term basis or for shorter focused work, depending on need.

Over the last ten years working as a counsellor and psychotherapist, I have had extensive experience of working with and helping clients with a wide variety of problems, such as depression, anxiety, bereavement, relationship or work related issues.

I also work with adults for whom none of the above seems relevant, yet who feel a pervasive sense of discontent or lack of fulfilment, sometimes with no clear cause. They may want help in thinking about a particular concern that worries and preoccupies them or they may merely be curious to understand themselves better. In all cases, counselling can be an invaluable and life changing experience.

I have a special interest in bereavement, having worked for many years as a bereavement counsellor in a hospice.

In fact, there are many losses that we may experience in life, not just the death of someone we love, but the loss of family ties, the loss of relationships, of career, of youth and of hope to name but a few. So my experience of working in bereavement has been invaluable for helping with my work as a therapist in general. However, as a bereavement counsellor, I have seen the immense benefit counselling can be when grief is overwhelming and life feels shattered by the painful loss of a loved one. To have someone you trust and to whom you can talk in depth about the one you grieve for, to express your pain or other powerful feelings, without fear of judgement or causing upset, can be a huge relief.

Counselling is not something everyone needs when faced with a bereavement and is certainly best not rushed into. Yet, despite our best efforts, grief is not something we can avoid and for some, counselling can be a life line. For it is only by experiencing and exploring the pain of bereavement that can we begin to reconnect with the living and rebuild our lives; it is in the safety of the counselling relationship that this process can be helped to emerge and for hope and a belief in life to be rediscovered.

Although that first step in making contact is often the most difficult one, it is also the first step towards making changes in your life for the better.

Appointments can be made by email or telephone. Call 07787488847 or email me.

All communication will be confidential.